Classroom Technology Solutions

Making sure your educational program keeps up with modern technology can be a challenge. Students today expect digital learning, and it can be hard to meet their needs while staying within your budget.

If you have a classroom that needs an IT upgrade in Pennsylvania, Morefield Communications can help. We have the technology and knowledge to give you a smart, IT-enabled classroom with the hardware and software to help your students learn faster, more safely and better, all at affordable prices.

An Experienced Provider of Technology Solutions for Schools

If you need all-in-one classroom technology solutions, turn to Morefield Communications. We are a member of the PA COSTARS program, which means we offer both hardware and software technology solutions to state and local government-affiliated education programs in Pennsylvania.

Our Classroom Technology Services

Technology’s ability to elevate education and impact student learning and comprehension is truly remarkable. We can help you with technology products and services such as:

  • Unified Communications: Manage telephones, video, instant messaging, email, voicemail and more on one secure network with our UCaaS/cloud technology and VoIP telephone system. Plus, improve the reliability of your school’s communication channels with audio, video and web conferencing, mobility, Internet and carrier services and more.
  • Smart Classrooms: Access the Internet anywhere on campus, offer remote learning opportunities for students via video conferencing and transform the classroom with state-of-the-art audio and video projection.
  • Security: Ensure your school’s cybersecurity and physical security. On the cyber level, we assess risks, execute backup and disaster recovery, set up next-generation firewalls and more. For physical security, CCTV and access control make sure only authorized personnel have access to areas where students are learning or traveling to classrooms.

We can also provide you with our complete range of technology services including:

  • Design strategy
  • Installation
  • De-installation
  • Maintenance, parts and service
  • Consumable supplies
  • IT training
  • And more

As a member of the PA COSTARS, we have the ability to provide for all your hardware and software IT needs, including:

  • Peripherals and networking equipment
  • Multimedia communications equipment
  • LANs
  • Servers
  • Data storage
  • Unified communications hardware and software

For a consultation

call us at (717) 761-6170

Your Partner for School Technology Solutions

As a local unified communications company that has operated right here in Pennsylvania for more than 70 years, the quality of education in this community is very important to us. That’s why we make every effort to provide you with technology for your classrooms that meets your students’ needs — and that you can afford.

We love to partner with educational institutions, and we hope you will let us take care of everything, from designing and installing your IT solutions to maintaining them and providing support. Whenever you need us to keep your technology on track, we can be there, offering support by phone or handling the problem in-person.

Local institutions have transformed their classrooms with our technology solutions. Let us put our knowledge and equipment to work for you, your school and your students.

We participate with PEPPM & Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) to help government, education, non-profit organizations and other public agencies easily purchase bid-protected technology through cooperative purchasing programs.


Morefield is a member with sourcewell

Morefield is a member with Peppm


Hear From Our Customers

“Helpful, friendly, pleasant technician. Prompt service. Thank you Morefield Communications!”

Joe A., Director of Operations
Worship Centers, IT Customer

“Morefield got to the bottom of our A/V issues quickly and their communication was efficient.”

Tammy S., Education Director
Education, A/V Customer

“Not only did your technician fix the problem, he taught me how to fix the problem and explained the logic behind it. Well done Morefield!”

Len D., CIO
Enterprise, Security, Unified Communications

“The courtesy and promptness of response was impressive. The technician was especially good at noting the issue and remedying the situation. THANK YOU!”

Elaine D., Municipal Government Office Manager
Government, IT Customer

“Our interaction with the Morefield support technician on site was EXCELLENT. Great knowledge and communication and I felt like I was his top priority.”

Andy S., Healthcare Office Manager
Health Care, IT Customer, Pro Services Customer
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