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As businesses begin to open up again, maintaining the health and safety of your employees and customers is your top priority. Following a virus outbreak — especially epidemics or pandemics — employees most likely will be returning to the workplace feeling a bit vulnerable.

Instill a sense of confidence by taking proactive steps to protect your team and your work environment.

You can verify that people entering your environment do not have a fever. By using non-contact automatic body temperature detection technology, your patrons will feel secure. A must have for reopening your business and maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Accurate Infrared Temperature Scanning Technology

Fever Detection

Multi-point temperature: Stop, Scan, View and Log instantly

Non-contact Automatic Body Temperature Detection

Face Recognition/Temperature Indicator

Get Back to Business With Confidence

In crowded workplaces or high-traffic areas, it only takes one infected person to start spreading a disease. When a company experiences a virus outbreak and a significant percentage of the workplace is sick, the company as a whole can begin to feel the impact due to decreased productivity and profits.

While it can be easy to identify and isolate sick employees when they are showing visible symptoms, sometimes infectious carriers are asymptomatic and unaware that they are spreading their disease to others.

One of the easiest ways to combat infection spread is to utilize a no-contact automated temperature scanning system with mask detection. An elevated body temperature is often one of the first signs that something is wrong. With an automated temperature scanning system, you’ll be able to easily stop employees, clients, visitors, or residents from entering your workplace and putting others at risk.

Stop the Spread With Temperature Scanning Systems for Businesses

The automated temperature and mask screening system is your business’s easy-to-use solution for keeping your employees safe and healthy in uncertain times. With a temperature accuracy of ± 0.3°, it quickly and efficiently stops, scans, views and logs your employee’s temperatures and audibly verifies if they do or do not have a fever. The system automatically detects if a face mask is present using facial scanning.

Unlike using a thermometer, this system does not require an attendant or any physical contact. It utilizes infrared technology to deliver accurate results at a safe social distance. The system is compact and adaptable to various heights and surfaces. You can easily use it in hallways, lobbies and offices. This system can be integrated with many types of technology including access control systems, CCTV and timeclocks.

Ready to Get Back to Work Safely?

Implement Automated Temperature Scanning in Your Facility

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