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Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging: All Your Messages at Your Fingertips

Start enjoying the incredible convenience and time savings of unified messaging.

You can access and deliver messages via any medium – anywhere – on any device with unified messaging.

Unified messaging integrates email, voice mail, FAX and video into a single interface, accessible from your computer, phone or smart device.

With our messaging solutions, voice mail messages can be retrieved using just your telephone handset – or can be a component of unified messaging.

Efficient message management saves unified messaging users 43 minutes per day *Sage Research

Improve Productivity with Unified Messaging

Productivity is enhanced when there is only one place to check for all messages. And unified messaging offers new options for workflow:

  • Voice mail messages delivered to your inbox
  • Play voice mail through your headset, computer speaker or smart device
  • Attach documents and forward voice mail just like email
  • Archive and search old voice mail messages

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