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Unified Communications as a Service

For more than 70 years, Morefield Communications has helped companies across Pennsylvania streamline their communication services. Our unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) technology saves your business time and money by combining your office phone, cellphone, voicemail, IM, email and more.

What Is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)?

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a technological approach that combines many business communication services — such as VoIP, video and voice conferencing, email, instant messaging, and various kinds of text and voice communications — into a single, cloud-based platform. Vendors bring together these multiple forms of messaging on a single app that users can access via login across all types of phones, computers and tablets.

Morefield Communications can consolidate nearly every aspect of your company’s communications into a state-of-the-art cloud system. Our commercial unified communications services in Pennsylvania include:

How Unified Communications Can Help Your Business

UCaaS allows your employees to communicate effectively — and work more productively — wherever they may go. The service offers numerous benefits over traditional means of communication, including:

  • Lowered costs: When you integrate all your communications technology with UCaaS, you’ll receive one convenient monthly bill for all your services, lowering your total cost of ownership.
  • Continuity and mobility across branches: All branches and remote employees will have access to the same resources by logging into the cloud wherever they are.
  • Enhanced scalability: UCaaS allows you to add or remove any number of users, so you can set up or disassemble a seasonal workforce in minutes.
  • Improved customer service: By combining communications channels such as IM and phone, you can quickly locate customer files and streamline their service experience.
  • Simplified infrastructure: Unified communications can bring together data across apps such as Office 365, social media, email and more on a single platform. With all the information they need at their fingertips, employees can work faster and harder — leading to a more productive workplace.

Why Morefield Communications Is the Right Business Partner for You

At Morefield Communications, we believe you deserve the best possible technological experiences. Our goal is to help businesses realize their technology’s full potential with services such as our unified communication technology.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way as we install and implement your business’s UCaaS. If you don’t already know what services you need, we’ll meet with you to discuss your individual needs and find the best ongoing solutions. Then, we’ll provide you with the most advanced technology and continual support to make sure your business runs smoothly for years to come.

In addition to commercial unified communication services, we also provide Pennsylvania businesses with a wide range of technologies and services that we can fully integrate for a streamlined user experience. You can count on us to handle every IT requirement — eliminating the need to hire multiple vendors or burden your in-house staff with ongoing technology tasks.

Put the power of unified communications to work for your business. Contact us online or at 717.761.6170 for your free consultation.