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Presence Management

What is Presence Management?

Presence management is an important component for achieving the full value of unified communications. It collects real-time information about a user’s availability – such as whether he is using a phone or in a meeting – as well as info about his communication capabilities.

  • Know the availability of someone before initiating a call or IM.
  • Create a dynamic list displaying the status of all users within a group.
  • Initiate contact using any communication mode available.

Information workers waste 30 minutes per week in phone tag. *Harris

Benefits of Presence Management

Presence management applications improve customer service and employee productivity. Using presence avoids inefficient “phone tag” that can drag on for days, wasting time and frustrating employees.

You can program your presence from any device. Presence applications can be integrated with a calendar program such as Microsoft® Outlook® to automatically change your availability based on your calendar.

Presence Management and Customer Service

Presence management is very useful in a Contact Center. Agents can instantly ascertain the availability and expertise of others on the network. If a customer issue requires escalation to an expert or manager, the agent can scan the presence management interface for an available employee and resolve the call immediately.

Use the power of presence management to gain full value from unified communications in your business phone system. Contact us to learn more.