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Business IP Phone Systems

IP Phone Systems for Business

Save money by maintaining a single network for voice and data. VoIP phone systems provide telephone services over your network backbone.

Saving money is the main reason – however, an IP phone system offers many benefits. It is the foundation for unified communications.

  • Integration with CRM and other applications
  • Single number reach
  • Soft phones (handset function on your laptop)
  • Conferencing (audio, video and web)
  • Ease of management

VoIP phone systems are not just for large organizations. Small and medium size organizations can gain competitive advantage from our small business IP phone systems.

The Path to an IP Phone System

Based on years of supporting data networks large and small, we discover your requirements and budget and assess your existing business phone system. We design IP phone systems on platforms from multiple vendors, ensuring the right fit for your organization.

Support for your Business Phone System

When you need technical support, we are ready. We offer several support agreements for IP phone systems. Our Vigilant Care Agreements provide proactive service to keep your phone systems in peak condition. You can gain advanced support for a predictable fixed cost when you use our managed IP voice services.

We began selling business phone systems in 1971. While the technology has changed greatly, our commitment to customer satisfaction has not. Trust your business phone system to our experts. Contact us today.