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Situational Awareness

and Mass Notification

Provide your patients, students, employees, guests, residents with:

   Life Safety         Security    Environmental Monitoring  Mass Notification


An effective risk management strategy uses situational awareness technologies. Learn how our SARA solution can help protect your business from unforseen threats.

One alerting platform, multiple situational awareness capabilities

With our expertise in computer-telephony integration (CTI) and various communication protocols, we’ll deliver a customized SARA solution for maximum performance and minimal maintenance. Morefield and Status Solutions will work with you to design a reliable, scalable and sustainable SARA system that provides tools to integrate existing life safety, security and environmental alarm and communication systems.

SARA provides mass notification capabilities for broadcasting emergency information, as well as general announcements and courtesy reminders. Your residents and their loved ones will feel comforted that location data is available to prevent mobile duress and asset tracking. And your staff will be better prepared using SARA’s point-of-care alerts notifying clinician/caregiver’s via mobile devices.

White Paper on Situational Awareness and Mass Notification

Overview of SARA – Situational Awareness and Response Assistant

In-room communication and self-service for hospitality at your fingertips

CATIE is a multimedia and self-service application that was originally developed for senior living; CATIE’s capabilities now extend to provide hotels and resorts with the latest in guest technology. Whether serving residents or guests, hospitality providers have to deliver the best experiences with service and amenities being the transformative elements that fuel demand and differentiation.

Multimedia and self-service options on demand
Running on the Apple iPad via Wi-Fi or cellular, CATIE functions within the room as an intercom, message center, electronic bulletin board/digital signage and concierge. The desired functionality is programmed under an endless supply of easy buttons on the user interface. The goal is to help any hospitality provider improve the customer experience through automated self-service. Then no one – guests, residents, patients, visitors, etc. – has to wait to get what they want when they want it. Plus you can close transactional loops on the back end to increase efficiency and profitability.

Optimizing customer satisfaction and efficiency
Functionality will vary based on whether the application is used in senior living, hotels and resorts or another hospitality setting. But regardless of where, CATIE establishes an in-room portal for optimal customer experiences on both the front and back ends.

Overview of CATIE – Communication and Access To Information Everywhere

MIMI provides personal situational awareness through continuous, real-time health monitoring, analysis and alerting. The system includes a non-intrusive monitor, which looks like a wristwatch, equipped with sensors that collect data on the wearer’s activities of daily living. Additional sensors are available to collect vitals. A rules-based software engine then uses this data to create personalized care models, including behavioral patterns like sleeping, toileting, etc., for a more comprehensive wellness profile. If a change in these baselines occurs, an alert automatically goes to caregivers so they can determine if there’s an underlying health concern. For example, more frequent trips to the bathroom could indicate a urinary tract infection, which can lead to confusion/delirium and falls in older people if untreated. MIMI turns this sort of behavioral data into actionable interventions to help prevent more serious health crises.

A comprehensive telehealth platform

MIMI enables the health and wellness of older adults and other at-risk individuals to be better managed with mobile health monitoring. MIMI’s proactive, predictive and personalized monitoring/alerting gives caregivers, users and their loved ones greater peace of mind regardless of where the user lives – in a hospital, skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility, senior living community or even at home.

As a comprehensive mobile health monitoring system, MIMI provides:

  • A non-intrusive health monitor/wristwatch that tracks daily activities and vitals
  • Proactive alerts when changes in health and wellness baselines occur or if the user isn’t wearing the monitor
  • Impact/fall detection
  • Approximate location information
  • Web-based interface with easy-to-navigate, at-a-glance dashboards and drill-down options for both professional and family caregivers
  • Automatic mobile alerts delivered to designated caregivers based on contacts specified for each patient, resident or individual with escalation paths
  • Interoperability with SARA and a range of wireless devices, networks and other systems such as electronic health records

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