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Video Surveillance Systems

IP Video Surveillance

Maximize building security and safety with a custom-designed IP video surveillance system from Morefield. Our engineers create video surveillance solutions tailored to the unique needs, building design and budget of your organization.

We offer video-over-IP for networked video surveillance as well as traditional analog-based video (closed circuit TV, CCTV).

Pathway to IP Video Surveillance

We design “hybrid” applications using a mix of analog and IP video cameras, in addition to pure IP video solutions.

  • Network video recorders (NVRs) allow cameras to be managed over an IP network
  • Digital video recorders (DVRs) eliminate bulky videotapes and place video archives at your fingertips
  • Wireless cameras allow video surveillance where no cable path to the head end exists
  • Managed with powerful, easy-to-use video surveillance software

Video surveillance systems are an important deterrent against crime, and augmenting security advantages of card access control systems.

Make your organization more secure with video surveillance. Contact us today for a free security analysis.