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Telecom Services

Telecommunications are at the heart of many companies across industries in the fast-moving business world of today. If your company has been around for a while, you have probably revamped or upgraded your telecommunications systems many times, and with good reason. Thanks to the benefits of the internet and digital technology, today’s telecommunications are clearer, more efficient and move faster than ever before.

If you want to be competitive in today’s business environment, you need a state-of-the-art telecommunications system. You need to know what current telecommunications technology can offer your business and how it can help you reach your goals and install a system that fits that analysis.

How can you make sure you are doing all that the right way? If you have a business in Pennsylvania, large or small, and you need help designing and installing the right telecommunications system, the answer is Morefield Communications.

Morefield Is an Experienced Telecommunication Company in Pennsylvania

Morefield Communications is well known as the long-standing specialists in telecommunication services in Pennsylvania. We are a telecommunications pioneer that has been in the communications business since 1945. We were among one of the first companies to recognize the value of computer-controlled telephone systems, about 40 years ago. There is no company in Pennsylvania that knows more about telephone communications for business than we do.

Our technicians are fully prepared to tell you everything you need to know about modern telecommunication systems to help you make the right choice for your business. Once you have made an informed decision, we have all the skills required to install your system for you and make sure it is running optimally.

Expert Telecom Services

We are a full-service telecommunications provider that can design and install your system as well as offer monitoring, management and technical support. Your telecommunications will always be in great hands with Morefield Communications.

But how do you know what you need with respect to telecommunications? How do you know if you are paying too much, if you are getting the best possible service or whether you need an upgrade or to completely revamp your system?

That’s where our free telecommunications review comes in. This review looks at local and long distance, network services and cellular plans and recommends alternate services and providers so that you can make the best choices when it comes to your telecom system.

A FREE telecommunications review includes:

  • Detailed analyses of monthly phone bills
  • Identification of dormant or duplicate accounts
  • Recommended competitive carrier services and pricing
  • Recommended technical solutions, such as SIP or PRI based trunking

Also with your telecommunications review, you can get negotiated reductions in:

  • Long distance charges
  • Local dial-tone services
  • Toll free rates
  • Point-to-point, frame relay, internet and MPLS Data services
  • Cellular rate plans

Getting a telecommunications review is free and easy. Just complete our Telecom Review Request online now.

Why We Are the Right Business Partner for Telecom Needs

In addition to our years of experience with telecommunications, our highly skilled technicians and our full-service slate of offerings, you’ll want Morefield because we are a part of the community. We are a local Pennsylvania company that has been a staple of the PA landscape since the middle of last century. We’re a partner you can count on for all your business telecom needs in PA.

Find out more. Call us at 717.761.6170 or contact us online right away to talk about business telecommunications installation.