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Support on Demand

Fast, Friendly Service

When you need on-demand technical support, we are ready. On a typical day we have no fewer than 40 technical support specialists on duty. All support personnel are full time Morefield employees.

…your Technician immediately found the problem.

Customer Portal

Logging in to our customer portal is the fastest, most convenient way to request non-emergency Morefield support.

Your request is immediately triaged and directed to the staff member best suited to handle the request.

Log-in to our customer portal.

Remote Support

Our ability to remotely diagnose and resolve most technical issues speeds up your time to resolution and saves you money.

Onsite Service

When the issue calls for onsite service, a field engineer is quickly dispatched. Our field engineers live and work throughout our service area, providing you with industry-leading response time.

Our 50-vehicle service fleet is a familiar site throughout the region.

We maintain a distribution network of numerous warehouses stocked with over $1m in service inventory. Our ready availability of parts assures minimal system downtime.

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