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On Site IT Support Services

Reliable Network Performance – Predictable Monthly Cost

Limited IT resources? Need to augment your IT team? Rely on our on site IT support service to prevent emergencies and increase your system uptime.

We handle the day-to-day duties critical to the health of your computers, servers and network.

Our experienced, certified engineers perform the IT support tasks you assign – as well as a checklist of proactive best practices when onsite.

Delegate critical IT support tasks to our certified engineers.

End-User Support

  • Operating System Support
  • Disk space management
  • Vendor liaison for business applications

Server Management Services

  • Service packs, patches, hotfixes
  • Exchange user and mailbox management
  • Active Directory
  • Reboots, defrag, chkdsk on all drives
  • Off time server maintenance
  • Software upgrades
  • Disaster recovery and Business Continuity

Network and Systems Administration

  • Set up and maintain groups and directory structure
  • Backup admin
  • Routers, switches, internet connectivity
  • Performance monitoring, capacity planning
  • Software and hardware upgrades to network infrastructure

Network Security Services

  • Firewalls, VPN, anti virus
  • Create directories, shares and security groups, manage accounts and account policies
  • Permissions and file system management
  • Login restrictions, passwords, security and applications for users

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On Site IT Support Services