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Cloud Services


Technology for businesses is evolving at a breakneck pace. Each new development brings with it tremendous opportunities to streamline your business, boost your productivity and do more faster. But those same advantages are available to your competitors as well, and if you don’t keep up, you can easily fall behind.

Cloud computing is a perfect example. A few years ago, no one knew what it was or what it could do. Now, few businesses function without some kind of cloud services.

If you’re a company in Pennsylvania trying to figure out how cloud services fit into your business, don’t worry. Morefield Communications is here to help.

We Are Expert Cloud Consultants in Pennsylvania

Finding specialists in the cloud in Pennsylvania can seem like a serious challenge. Cloud computing and storage applications to businesses are still fairly new. Fortunately, at Morefield Communications, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest technology developments for business. We wouldn’t have been able to enjoy over 70 years of success if we hadn’t. Naturally, that expertise extends to cloud services.

What Cloud Services Do We Offer?

Whether you’re a small business or a large business, we can help you meet your needs for cloud services in Pennsylvania. We can design a cloud solutions plan tailored to your specific business goals. We can start small with some basic cloud services or help you set up a whole suite of them, including:

  • Data management: Manage and scale data easily without being bound by the limitations of your computers’ hard drives.
  • Infrastructure: Move as many functions from your on-premises network to the cloud as you are comfortable with, dramatically increasing your scaling potential.
  • Integration: Seamlessly combine on-premises applications with cloud applications.
  • Analytics: Use the power of the cloud to connect massive amounts of people and data to generate even more accurate analytics.
  • Networking: Allow your employees easy access to the files they need, even from remote locations, and increase the collaboration potential of your staff exponentially.
  • Security: A new way of doing business requires specialized security. Our experts will help you develop methods for restricting data and files only to the people who are authorized to see them, with features like two-factor identification, network monitoring and more.

Why Are We the Right Business Partner for Cloud Solutions?

As a local technology company, we have seen the development of cloud services within the Pennsylvania corporate world, and we understand all the challenges and concerns Pennsylvania businesses may have with this new technology. We can design a plan to give you extreme confidence in your use of the cloud to benefit your business and offer you all the support you need along the way.

We’d love to discuss the cloud and what it can do for your business. Give us a call at 717.761.6170 or contact us online today to learn more.