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Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics are Important.

Every physical space has an “acoustic profile.” Simply put, a room’s acoustic profile is the way sound is perceived by a listener within a given space. Rooms with poor acoustic profiles often have parallel walls and surfaces made from hard smooth surfaces that create strong, primary reflections of sound (think, gymnasium or a racquetball court). No matter how good your microphone or sound system may be, a room with a poor acoustic profile will always create problems for listeners.

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Design with Acoustics in Mind.

Many rooms are designed with aesthetics as the primary goal and without much thought given to acoustics. These rooms often have glass walls, tile floors, and other hard surfaces that create a very reverberant space. Reverberant spaces are perfect for acapella singing or certain musical styles but can create massive problems in conference and meeting rooms where speech intelligibility is crucial – especially if audio or video conferencing is involved. On top of that, participants often experience listener fatigue from having to block out reflected sound in order to focus on the presenter. is a solution.

By using acoustic panels to absorb and dampen sound energy, rooms with even the most challenging acoustic profiles can sound great. Not only can acoustic panels add a pleasing aesthetic to a room, the difference they make acoustically is striking. Hear the difference for yourself with our short before & after video at one of Morefield’s acoustic paneling installations.





Image Credit: Sound and Vision; Acoustic Products