Meet our Leadership Team

John D. Morefield
Wesley W. Kelly
Executive Vice President, Sales & Services
LeeAnne Stump
Chief Financial Officer
Jay R. Dissinger
Vice President, Multimedia & Security Technologies
John M. George, Sr.
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Nick F. Spallone
Vice President
Janis Glossenger
HR Manager

Morefield Communications is a private company
governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is
composed of company executives as well as outside
members. Day-to-day management is directed by the
Executive Management Team, led by John D. Morefield, President.

Board of Directors

John D. Morefield, Board Chair, President James F. Morefield Wesley W. Kelly, Executive Vice President, Sales and Services Richard L. Hoover, Outside Director T. Scott Lawhead, Outside Director Scott Mumma, Outside Director Robert Whalen, Outside Director