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What can Mitel CLOUD Connect provide my team?

A Fundamentally Different Approach to Phone System Technology and the User Experience

A Mitel Connect CLOUD phone system works like any traditional phone system and offers call transfer, extension dialing, conference calling and other features straight from the phone handset and from your mobile device. But to get the most from your ShoreTel system—and from your work force—you’ll want your team to access the collaborative unified communications (UC) features that can revolutionize the way they work. Instant messaging, audio and web conferencing, video calling and web desktop sharing can save time, reduce travel, communicate with better clarity, and engage participants in a more satisfying relationship with your company.

To use the UC features, simply launch the ultra-sleek Mitel Connect desktop app, which connects people, not just devices, for more natural and intuitive communications. Built-in collaboration tools make meetings more productive, ensuring your team will get more done faster and with less hassle. Communicate how you want, with immediacy and ease—the tools appear in the Mitel Connect app panel as you need them. You never need to launch a new app, or new window, or retrieve a complicate code to make things work.
Mitel Connect is the first “forgiving” communications platform. Users can’t break or misconfigure it, and it practically holds their hand to take them through call routing or event scheduling. And Mitel Connect CLOUD offers the same rich collaborative experience to external customers and clients via the Mitel Connect web collaboration app, which opens automatically on participants’ desktops during online meetings.

Features include

  • IP PBX telephony services
  • Mitel desk phones
  • Mitel Connect desktop app
  • Mitel Connect Mobility app
  • Collaboration Suite
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and ICS
  • Integrations with third-party applications
  • Productivity apps
  • Softphone functionality
  • Mitel Connect Portal
  • Mitel Connect Fax
  • Mitel Connect CLOUD Contact Center
  • Mitel Connect CLOUD Connectivity

Mitel Connect CLOUD is fully hosted and managed unified communications as a service
(UCaaS). It’s the only end-to-end cloud business phone solution, from the phones and PBX capabilities to implementation and support—including direct user access to customer service via the “?” key on your Mitel desk phone.
Because it’s an end-to-end solution, your vendor management becomes easy. We replace separate telco, carrier and service providers. We’re your single point of contact for your call plans, phones, installation and customer support. An end-to-end solution means all the Mitel Connect CLOUD components are optimized for best call quality, and you never need to worry that a software upgrade will disrupt service or performance. No other cloud provider provides this level of product integration.

Mitel Connect CLOUD makes business phone systems plug-and-play easy to deploy. We handle everything and act as your company’s communications IT department. We completely manage the experience of moving to the cloud, providing the circuits and porting your phone numbers from your current carrier to our SIP provider. Ongoing account management is easy via Mitel Connect CLOUD Portal, the administrative interface that manages billing and user permissions. Scale up or scale down as you need to accommodate new locations or seasonal staffing fluctuations. It’s that easy.

Your business deserves the highest levels of service availability. As an enterprise-class, managed hosted solution, Mitel Connect CLOUD understands that businesses demand enterprise-class data integrity, application reliability and physical safeguards. That’s why we invest in several levels of redundant and load-balanced system hardware to ensure business communications continuity and maximize up time for your business.

With Mitel Connect CLOUD, there’s no need to worry about having your mobile device hacked at a public hot spot. Mitel invested heavily in making our data center highly secure for deployment in the hostile environment of the Internet. The Mitel Connect CLOUD platform is built with a secure access layer to protect our phones, carriers, and Connect apps against security risks. Mitel Connect CLOUD has secure voice and app transport built-in right “out of the box” with secure remote transport protocol (SRTP) for secure voice and secure app access.

Mitel Connect CLOUD is a premium, managed service. Our mission is to deliver a communications experience that our customers love. Because we own our own software and we can streamline the support experience—users can simply double tap the “?” button on their desk phone and immediately be connected to a live operator and our team of experts. Our team can answer technical questions, resolve problems and even help you develop a strategy for maximizing the impact of our business phone system.

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