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Healthcare Solutions

Reliability, Ease-of-use, Confidentiality

We provide and support technology solutions specifically designed for the region’s hospitals, medical practices, long-term care and assisted living facilities. Healthcare places unique demands on technology. We understand those specialized needs.

Streamline Communications

Our unified communications solutions combine IM, telephony, video, voicemail and email into a single, unified system.

Tying together nurse call, phones, email, tablets/smart devices and information services, allows healthcare workers to communicate effectively wherever their duties take them.

Wireless networks are a must in the fast-paced world of healthcare. Wireless asset tracking can locate mobile objects from wheel chairs to patient beds utilizing your wireless computer network.

Video and Security Technologies

Our video solutions enhance the comfort of residents and patients. Digital signage helps keep residents up-to-date in extended care facilities and provides info and directions to hospital visitors.

IPTV provides patient education, entertainment and interaction with the hospital’s network.

Physical security is another responsibility faced by healthcare organizations. Our video surveillance and card access technologies play a key role in building security.

Learn more about our technology solutions for healthcare. Contact us for a free consultation.

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