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IP Video Surveillance

View live video of your business from anywhere in the world.

Advancements in IP video surveillance make this a great time to invest in business security.

Network video enables you to remotely and cost-effectively monitor and secure your people and assets. You can even use it to conduct remote classes or broadcast video on your web site.

The Network Advantage: Cost Savings

IP surveillance systems are increasingly popular for many reasons. Most importantly, costs are reduced by using general-purpose IP network infrastructure.

Connect an IP network camera to a computer network and you have access to live video using a standard Web browser. Using network infrastructure gives you the ability to use power over ethernet (POE), deploy wireless cameras, and easily add one camera at a time to your system.

Image quality is another key benefit of IP network video. The clarity of the captured video is astonishing.

Software-Based Management

Today’s video surveillance systems are software managed. Powerful, easy-to-use software connects IP camera servers and both analog and IP cameras.

The software allows you to view multiple cameras, record and retrieve video, monitor alarms and much more.

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Network Video Recorders (NVR) are replacing Digital Video Recorders (DVR.) An NVR is a device that connects to IP cameras or an IP camera server which allows the cameras to be managed over an IP network. A DVR does the same thing with analog cameras. Systems can also be “hybrid” allowing for both analog and IP cameras.

Network (IP) camera installations are highly scalable and upgradeable. There’s no need to buy and install additional video capture boards for an NVR system in the event you want to add a camera or increase performance of your system.

Future-Proof Your Investment With Hybrids

We give you the flexibility to adapt to the changes in video technology without ‘tossing out’ your current surveillance equipment. We design hybrid applications using a mix of analog and IP cameras in addition to pure IP solutions.

We partner with world-class manufacturers in the design of video surveillance systems, including Bosch Security Systems, Exacq Technologies and Arecont Vision.

IP Video Components

One IP megapixel camera with 180° or 360° view can replace up to 25 analog cameras.

IP video requires less space than traditional gear since video switching and routing is done via computer without large and expensive video matrix switchers.

IP cameras provide greater functionality:

  • wireless access
  • compression formats to relieve bandwidth and storage requirements
  • encryption
  • integration with other systems
  • remote support

From fixed network cameras for indoor and outdoor applications – to network dome cameras with remote control of pan, tilt and zoom – a wide range of network video products are available. There are also video servers that allow analog CCTV systems to take advantage of the benefits of the digital, networked world.

Go High Def: Where Sharp Images Are Vital

HD (High Definition) video resolution is substantially higher than traditional SD (Standard Definition) video.

HD is useful where clear, sharp images of moving objects or accurate identification is vital.

Start Improving Your Security Today

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