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Physical Security Solutions

Keeping your employees and assets safe in the workplace is a major priority. Even  businesses can be at risk for threats from intruders. But there’s no “one size fits all” solution for today’s workplace. That’s why Morefield Communications offers a variety of security solutions. To upgrade your building’s protection, invest in our physical security solutions. 

How We Can Help You

We’re committed to keeping businesses safe from potential threats. We offer multiple services to help improve security, including:

  • CCTV: Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a form of video surveillance to help protect employees and assets. We offer CCTV systems for small businesses in PA so you can maximize safety and increase ROI. Designated members of your staff can monitor strategically placed cameras for any suspicious activity in your building.
  • Access Control Systems: With small business access control systems, you can ensure only authorized personnel can access your building. This prevents potential intruders from entering your business and helps employees feel safer in the workplace.
  • Nurse Call/Environmental Monitoring: We offer resources such as nurse call systems and environmental monitoring to help you better control and manage your work area. For example, we provide wander management so you can keep track of employees or clients in your building. Situational awareness helps prepare you and your workers to respond to threats if necessary.
  • Mass Notification: With mass notification systems, you can communicate with your employees across distances in the event of a threat or a suspected threat. We provide security phone or pager systems to help


Improve Your Organization's Security


Why Physical Security Is Necessary


With our access control and CCTV systems for small businesses, you can minimize the risks that come with owning a business that has valuable assets. Theft or intruder situations can create financial, safety and productivity risks.

We provide any of our services separately or as part of a complete physical security service. It can be challenging to work with multiple providers — with our comprehensive set of services, you can focus on protecting and growing your business.

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For Physical Security

With Morefield Communications, you get access to all the security services you need with one simple payment. As a provider of business security solutions for the last 70 years, we have the skills and experience to install the safest, most reliable system.

Whatever your needs, we’ll develop a solution that helps your employees feel more secure at work.

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