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All About Penetration Testing for Businesses

As internet use grows, cybersecurity becomes ever more vital to business success. With the global average data breach cost of $4.24 million, businesses need reliable cybersecurity technology and services to protect their data. An effective tool in a business’ cybersecurity strategy is penetration testing. The penetration testing process is the most effective way for an […]

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A Guide to Passive Optical Networking (PON)

[2 min. read] What is Passive Optical Networking (PON)? PON, developed in the mid-1990s, was originally designed to allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to deliver broadband triple-play services (data, voice, and video) to residential users. Passive optical networking (PON), like active optical networking, uses fiber optic cabling to provide Data connectivity from a main data […]

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Vulnerability Assessment for Cyber Insurance

[2 min. read] Cybersecurity and Ostrich-itis When it comes to knowing what your company’s security vulnerability status is, if you’re not looking, everything probably looks perfect. It might sound obvious, but after reading Checkpoint’s yearly security report for 2022, it looks like vulnerabilities aren’t being remediated which could mean, companies aren’t even aware of their […]

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Information Security Risk Management

Protecting your business’s assets is an integral part of management operations. Cyberattacks and threats can pose alarming concerns for your company, and it can be challenging to know how to handle or predict them. One way to address and stay on top of these types of threats is an information security risk management strategy. You […]

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Guide to Cable Modems

what are cable modems

Don’t take the inconspicuous cable modem for granted. These devices are the foundation of your business’s high-functioning communication systems, with capabilities spanning beyond being an internet gateway. Learn the essentials of how cable modems work, plus what modem features and terminology to look for when outfitting your office or changing your internet service provider (ISP_ […]

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